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Olive-headed Weaver
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Johann's Articles published in Africa Birds&Birding Magazine:

The Wamba Bird & its guardian : Apri/May 2002 Marsh Tchagra at the nest

Olive-headed Weaver revealed : April/May 2003

Miombo Magic - Mutinondo Wilderness with my good friend Warwick R. Tarboton : April/May 2004

Cinderella Waxbill Cunene Fairy Tale : December 2006/January 2007 Setting right some of the erroneous descriptions of the bird in our field guides.

Jumping Jack Flash - Tracking the African Pitta : April/May 2010


Johann's Portfolios/Publications in African Birdlife magazine:

Capturing the Kalahari : First edition of this new exciting magazine November/December 2012

Glut & Glory - the birds of the Zambezi river: March/April 2013

Super Skulkers - Portfolio on Forest Birding : September/October 2013 with some of Lizet's photos included

Photographing Owls : January/February 2014


Some of our photos in recent publications




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