About Us

Lizet and I met in 1995 through a mutual interest in birds. We have been together since and got married in 2000. Both of us have had a keen interest in natural history and especially birds since early childhood.

Together we have traveled extensively throughout southern Africa in pursuit of birds, and having seen most of our resident species, we now concentrate more on photography, especially trying to photograph the more elusive or rare species. Our main aim is target specific expeditions to attempt to document species for which we are not aware of any previously published photographs. This is quite a challenge and in most cases the reason that we have never seen photographs of these species in print quickly becomes apparent! As I am now a practicing ophthalmologist in the Pretoria Eye Institute (Pretoria, South Africa) we are not able to do as many trips as before but still try to target at least one species annually. In between we frequently travel to wild places and photograph the more common species.

All the photographs featured here are of free roaming wild individuals taken under natural conditions. We go out of our way not to stress our subjects with our hides or with voice recordings. In most cases this requires working from a distance with a long telephoto lens.

We retain the copyright to all the images and should you wish to use any of them for whatever purpose please contact us. We also need to know what the image is intended for and approximately how large it will be printed to help determine the required file size.

For any specific information on equipment feel free to contact us.

Johann & Lizet Grobbelaar